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Car rental conditions


A car can be rented out to a person of 21 years old and older with at least two years of driving experience, and on the condition of presenting a valid driver's license with all relevant vehicle categories detailed , passport or ID card (for EU citizens), and personal credit card.

The above documents must be available at the time of signing the car rental contract or collecting the rented vehicle. The rented car can be used in Czech republic only, driving outside Czech republic is possible by the additional customer request and agreement from Royal Rent a Car company but in EU countries only. It is restricted to cross the EU border with rented vehicles.

The guarantee deposit depends on the vehicle group, authorized on the CUSTOMER's account, is the condition of this contract.


ROYAL CAR RENTAL promises to use your Credit card data for Car Rental purposes only. Credit card details are used only for payment or guarantee processing. All information you send from our web is secured by SSL Web Server Certificates issued by THAFTE company. The verification and authentication procedure is of the very highest standard. It guarantees information privacy and protects information in transmission between our web server and your web browsers using 128, 56 or 40-bit encryption, depending on your browser capability. Usage of other person's Credit card facilities without official permission of the Credit card holder is illegal .

After the Reservation is send, the copy of the Reservation Details will be automatically send to the Customer's provided contact e-mail address for further control. This automatically message is not considered to be the car rental confirmation.

The Car Rental Confirmation Voucher will be send to the contact e-mail address with the order details during 24 working hours. The condition of the car rental quick confirmation is the credit card details for booking guarantee and for the future guarantee deposit.

The car reserved within the chosen group will be prepared for the Customer at the place and in time (+/- 20 min.) marked in the Confirmation. The car model can be changed within the chosen vehicle group. Gear boxand airconditioner are confirmed.


Without charge until 24 hours before the pick up time. One-day rate + VAT 21% in case of later cancellation or in NO-SHOW* case. Please, notify us beforehand about any changes in your timetable and plans. You may do it by phone, fax, @mail


ROYAL RENT must deliver the car to the place and in time, agreed by the parties (+/- 20 minutes). The collection of the vehicle can be arranged during the specified opening hours in Prague. Out-Of-Hours Service is regulated by the valid published tariffs.
Out-Of-Prague deliveries are regulated by the valid published tariffs.

In case of car delivery to the Prague Airport, the ROYAL RENT representative will meet you in the Arrivals hall of Prague Airport. If your flight is late, we will wait for you in the airport.

Prior to the start of the rental the start mileage and fuel level, as well as any damage already visible on the vehicle are to be clarified and signed on the Check-Out List.


It is possible to authorize additional drivers within the rental contract. Additional drivers must provide a full valid driving license at the rental location. The authorization to drive the vehicle cannot be given to any unnamed drivers. Additional driver charge is regulated by the valid published tariffs.


At the start of the rental ROYAL RENT will authorize a guarantee deposit on the CUSTOMER's credit card. A guarantee deposit in cash is possible in unusual cases only.

The amount of the deposit is 10000 CZK by credit card. Cash deposit amount is 10000 CZK for Economy and Budget Groups; 15000 CZK for Full-size and Minivans Groups (or its equivalent in EUR or USD in case of cash deposit). Cash deposit for Luxary Group is not possible.

The condition of GPS unit rental an additional deposit amount 5000 CZK charged by cash or on the CUSTOMER's credit card.

The deposit will be credited at the end of the rental subject to the vehicle and additional accessories returning in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental. Should the rented accessories / rented vehicle be returned with damage or with missing equipment, or without petrol or diesel the amount outstanding will be deducted from the deposit, or where the charge is greater than the deposit, the outstanding amount will be additionally authorized from the consumer's credit card or charged in cash.


The rental charges are ruled by the valid published tariffs and depend on the vehicle model, the quantity of rental days and chosen mileage. The charges for additional services and rental of accessories are ruled by the valid published tariffs.The full value of the estimated hire charges together with a further deposit amount in respect of any accidental damage or other charges which the CUSTOMER may incur are charged from the CUSTOMER’s account or paid by cash before the collection of the rental vehicle.

All charges including any additional costs during the rental period are the subject to VAT.

ROYAL RENT accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Master Card, Visa, UNION PAY, Japan Credit Bureau. The credit card payments are charged in Czech Crowns only. The credit card payment confirmation is printed from the payment terminal at least in two copies, one issue for each party.

ROYAL RENT accepts payments in cash. The corresponding amounts are determined on the first page of the RA. The cash payment confirmation is issued at least in two copies, one issue for each party.

CUSTOMER pays himself all operating expenses during the rental term, including petrol (diesel), windscreen cleaning liquid, road police fines, flat tire repair, car wash, car parking, including the car delivery parking and drop off parking outside RR station (excluding one hour of car parking in Prague airport on Parking C – the 4th floor – when its agreed to return the hired vehicle in Prague airport, one hour of car parking in Prague airport is included into the drop off charge in Prague airport).

The company reserves the right to charge any additional unforeseen costs arising (parking fines, etc.) up to a period of three months after the rental has ended. All information that relates to new charges will be confirmed to the CUSTOMER by post or by e-mail, when it is detailed to ROYAL RENT.

On return of the vehicle any additional mileage as well as any additional fuel used will be calculated by a ROYAL RENT representative. The cost per kilometer, as well as the cost of petrol/diesel is taken from the ROYAL RENT valid published tariffs. Payment will be taken through the method indicated by the CUSTOMER.


Minimum rental period is 24 hours. The contract must end at the agreed time. The expiry date and time of the car rental can be prolonged on the agreement of both parties. However an authorized extension should be confirmed an amendment fee will be charged to the rental.

The collection of the vehicle can be arranged during the specified opening hours. Out-Of-Hours Service is regulated by the valid published tariffs.

The CUSTOMER must return the vehicle at the agreed time and to the correct location agreed in the present RA. The delay up till 1 hour is possible without extra charges. In case of over keeping the car for 1 – 3 hours more than the time marked in RA, ROYAL RENT will charge CUSTOMER 200,-CZK for each started extra hour. Should the CUSTOMER keep the car 3 hours longer than agreed upon, it is counted as an unauthorized extension of the rental through the renter. In this case the current standard rate for extra days must be charged.

If the vehicle is returned to a different location from what it is agreed in the Contract, the CUSTOMER will be responsible for the expenses of the vehicle to be returned to the correct location. This applies where no written authorization has been given.

The Customer may unilaterally terminate the car rental by notifying ROYAL RENT 24 hours prior to the planned termination. In case of early termination ROYAL RENT will recalculate the rental fees under this Agreement according to the actual length of rental and the rates in effect.

The vehicles are delivered to the CUSTOMER with any given level of fuel. The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel. If the level of fuel is lower than when collected by the CUSTOMER, the cost of the petrol/diesel will be applied.

Any lost property found in the vehicle will be held by the company for a maximum of three months. The founded belongings can be posted to the CUSTOMER on the CUSTOMER's written application on his/her expenses. The company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in the vehicle.

The CUSTOMER is responsible for confirming any damage or missing parts to the vehicle to the ROYAL RENT representative at the end of the rental.

The ROYAL RENT representative will complete the return procedure as quickly as possible. We endeavor to complete this final inspection within 30 minutes. The ROYAL RENT representative will confirm the final details with the CUSTOMER by requesting a signature on the Check-In List. This guarantees both parties a correct recording of damages which may have occurred and correct mileage, as well as petrol-/ diesel invoice, return of rented accessories as well as that the vehicle is returned to the owner.

Where the CUSTOMER is unable to wait for the inspection to be completed or when the vehicle is left somewhere without ROYAL RENT staff inspection, the CUSTOMER will take full responsibility for all additional charges made with regards to damage, missing of additional equipment and accessories or there parts, additional mileage, extra fuel etc.

The vehicle is not officially returned until the Customer's signature appears on the Renter's copy of the Check-In List form.


On the CUSTOMER ' s application the rental vehicle can be returned outside the ROYAL RENT rental station (hotel, airport, etc.) in Prague, around the Czech Republic and around Europe. Out-Of-Station returns are regulated by the valid published tariffs.

A ROYAL RENT representative will arrive to the agreed location at the agreed time. The delay up till one hour is possible in the unusual cases. The ROYAL RENT representative will have the ROYAL RENT Check-Out List for acknowledgement.

In case of return of the rented vehicle in the Prague Airport, the only correct location is the location marked in the car rental contract.