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Additional services

Additional Prague rent a car services and accessories, possible to order in the Prague Rent a Car Agency ROYAL RENT a CAR, the Czech Republic: car delivery, insurance, GPS Navigation, child seat, road atlas, snow chains, driver services.

The below quoted prices include ALL taxes and fees, including VAT 21%.


Car delivery within Prague to your hotel, airport, etc.strong> 500 czk
Standard road atlas of the Czech Republic in your rented car Included
Green Card (insurance coupon, valid outside the Czech Republic) Included
Cross-the-border permit Included
Czech highways prepaid coupon Included
Basic insurance CDW / THP: Third Party Liability,CDW- Collision Damage Waiver (with excess for the damage caused by own fault), THP - Theft Protection Waiver (with excess), Windscreen Insurance (with excess 2000,-CZK) Included
Technical assistance in CR Included
Technical assistance outside CR Included


additionally charged SERVICESUNITCOST
Additional driver once 200 CZK = 8 EUR
Return of the hired car outside Royal Rent a Car rental station (your hotel, airport, etc.) once 500 CZK = 20 EUR
Out-Of-Hours services
100 CZK = 4 EUR
400 CZK = 16 EUR
600 CZK = 24 EUR
900 CZK = 36 EUR
400 CZK = 16 EUR
Driver services (min 4 hours) 1 hour 150 CZK = 6 EUR
Transfer within Prague once 500 CZK = 20 EUR
Collision Damage / Theft Protection Waiver Plus CDW / THP PLUS : reduced Collision DamageTheft Waiver excess for the damage caused by own fault 1 day 150 CZK = 6 EUR
Collision Damage/ Theft Protection Waiver Full CDW / THP FULL: without Collision DamageTheft Waiver excess for the damage caused by own fault 1 day 500 CZK = 20 EUR
Windscreen Insurance: without excess for the windscreen damages (if this damage is not connected with a road accident - for example, windscreen spading) Not necessary if CDW / THP FULL is purchased. once 300 CZK = 12 EUR
Over limit of kilometres (in case of LIMITED MILEAGE price)td> 1 km over 3 CZK = 0 EUR
Missing patrol on return 1 litre 32 CZK = 1 EUR


additionally charged ACCESSORIESUNITCOST
Child seat 0-10kg; 10-36kg; 36+ kg
(obligatory for kids up to 36kg or 150 sm on the territory of the Czech Republic)
1 day 40 CZK =  2 EUR
Snow chains 1 day 200 CZK =  10 EUR
GPS Navigation in your language with 3D maps
(the Czech Republic is included; European electronic maps are possible on request)
1 day 250 CZK =  10 EUR
Detailed atlas of the Czech Republic with maps of main towns and places of interest once 40 CZK =  2 EUR